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Instructions for Paper Submittal

1. The TSJ member who wishes to present a paper shall in principle apply to the lecture meeting which is to held at various local places other than Tokyo once a year or to the plenary meeting which is to be held in Tokyo once a year. As for the details, please see the instructions in TSJ Journal.
2. The TSJ member who wishes his paper to be published shall apply to the Sectretariat of TSJ. The paper will appear on TSJ Journal, only when the Publication Board accepts it after the peer review.

Download paper submission instruction and template form

Please download the instructions and template form below.
Paper submission instruction (PDF file)
Writing instruction (PDF file)
Template form of the paper(Word file)
3. The papers written in Japanese will be uploaded to 'J-Stage' electronic journal after it appeared on TSJ Journal, which please note that it might take one year.
    J-STAGE Electronic Journal in Japanese
  【J-STAGE】 電子ジャーナル日本語版
4. As for the paper written in English, please visit the IJFMS website below and follow the instructions of the IJFMS administrator.

IJFMS Electronic Journal in English(International Journal of Fluid Systems)

[IJFMS] Contribution Rule

  IJFMS Electronic Journal in English IJFMS

[IJFMS] Browse & Download

  IJFMS Electronic Journal in English IJFMS

(for members and non-members, free)

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