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This page contains information on Journal of TSJ, 'Turbomachinery' ,
how to submit a paper to TSJ and other publications of TSJ.

Journal of TSJ, 'Turbomachinery'

Home of Jouranl of TSJ

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Download paper submission instruction and template form

If the member of TSJ wishes to submit a paper to the Journal of TSJ, please contact the secretariat of TSJ. The paper will appear in the Journal only after the peer review of TSJ's publication committee. Please download the instructions and template form below.

Paper submission instruction (PDF file)
Writing instruction (PDF file)
Template form of the paper(Word file)


TSJ publishes the following periodical and the books, all written in Japanese.
To purchase these publications, visit Home page of Industrial Publishing Co. Ltd.

Journal of TSJ 'Turbomachinery'

  Journal of TSJ 'Turbomachinery' This periodical is the monthly journal of Turbomachinery Society of Japan founded in 1973 with the purpose of enhancing and promoting the technology related to the turbomachinery such as  pumps, fans, compressors and turbines. Although the research tends to be estranged from practices in specialty journals, TSJ journal is editted with a practical standpoint that the outcomes from both domestic and internatioinal  researches and other tehnological information should be provided promptly and candidly. 
Thus, TSJ journal receives acclaim among users, academia and industry.

・Industrial Publishing Co. Ltd.
・First published in November 1972/Issued on the 10th of each month
・64 pages/B5 size
・Price 1,980JPY/yearly subscription fee 20,000JPY per year +overseas postal charge

Turbomachinery - beginner's guide

  Turbomachinery - beginner's guide 1.Use of fluid energy and turbomachinery 2.constituent elements of turbomachinery and internal flow 3.performance of turbomachinery and operation 4.turbo pump 5.turbo fans and compressors 6.hydro turbine and pump-turbine 7.fluid coupling and torque converter 8.turbo charger 9.wind turbine

・Industrial Publishing Co. Ltd.
・Issued in December, 1989/revised in November 1995(the 6th edition)
・234 pages/B5 size
・ISBN 9784819017114
・Price 3,400JPY +overseas postal charge

Steam Turbine

  Steam Turbine 1.development in technology 2.heat cycle and economy 3.internal flow in steam turbine 4.structure of steam turbine 5.control system of steam turbine for performance enhancement for reliability enhancement 8.test, manufacturing, inspection technology and standards 9.operation and maintenace

・Industrial Publishing Co., Ltd.
・Issued in April, 1990
・240 pages/B5 size
・ISBN 9784819025126
・Price 3,500JPY +overseas postal charge

Turbo Pump

  Turbo Pump 1.classification and type selection of pumps 2.theory of turbo pumps 3.internal flow and performance at off-design points 4.flow analysis and loss prediction 5.umbalanced fluid force and its countermeasure 6.cavitation and its countermeasure 7.instability and its countermeasure 8.operational problems saving technology 10.maintenance technology 11.recent topics

・Industrial Publishing Co., Ltd.
・Issued in January, 1991
・200 pages/B5 size
・ISBN 9784819019118
・Price 3,500JPY +overseas postal charge

Hydro Turbine

  Hydro Turbine 1.Introduction 2.classification and specific speed 3.theory and characteristics 4.model test and performance conversion 5.structure of hydro turbine 6.auxiliary equipment 7.planning of hydro turbine and pump-turbine 8.installation and field test 9.operation and maintenance technology

・Industrial Publishing Co., Ltd.
・Issued in June, 1991
・216 pages/B5 size
・ISBN 9784819019095
・Price 3,500JPY +overseas postal charge

Testing methods for fan and blower performance using models

  Testing methods for fan and blower performance using models

・Industrial Publishing Co., Ltd.
・Issued in June, 2004
・93 pages/A4 size
・ISBN 9784819016056
・Price 3,810JPY +overseas postal charge

Guideline for prediction and evaluation of cavitation erosion in pumps
(English edition included)

  Guideline for prediction and evaluation of cavitation erosion in pumps

・Industrial Publishing Co., Ltd.
・Issued in June, 2016
・220 pages/A4 size
・ISBN 9784819028110
・Price 4,500JPY +overseas postal charge

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