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Privacy policy

 Turbomachinery Society of Japan, hereafter referred to as TSJ, recognizing the importance of personal information, will endeaver  to undertake its acquisition, usage, and management appropriately as follows.

                                               Turbomachinery Society of Japan
                                                      February 6, 2015

(1)Personal Information

 Personal information is defined as the information by which an individual is identified, such as addresses, names, gender, age, telephone numbers, fax numbers, mail addresses, and affiliation.

(2)Acquisition of personal information

 To provide services in line with its objectives, TSJ will obtain information to a degree necessary for the identification of specific individuals. In principle, TSJ will specify its purpose for acquiring such information, and may only acquire information in accord with the wishes of the information provider.

(3)Use of personal information

 The acquired information will be used by TSJ to a dedgree whcih will enable it to fulfill its purpose for acquirng information.

 However, under the following conditions, information may be used or provided for purposes other than the acquisition purpose.
    1. When consent is given by the information provider.
    2. When the management of personal data is commissioned in part or in whole so that TSJ may achieve its objective.
    3. When the personal information is processed to the extent that any individual is not identifiable.
    4. When there is an urgent need to protect life, body and property of humans.
    5. When disclosure of the perosonal information is requested by law.
    6. When its use conforms to regulations of law.

(4)Management of personal information

 TSJ will endeaver to take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, loss, destruction and alteration of acquired personal information. However, TSJ will not be responsible for the management of the information released by the information provider nor the information which has already been released.

(5)Release and revision of personal information

 When a request is received from the peronal information provider to disclose his or her personal information, TSJ will in principledisclose this information without delay. Moreover, when a request is made for the revision of pesronal information, TSJ will in principle make such revisions without delay.

(6)The website

 The website prepared by TSJ is to be used by the user at his or her own discretion. TSJ will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the use of various information obtained from this website or from this website's outside links.

(7)Updating of the privacy policy

 This privacy policy may be updated without prior warning. Such updates will be reported in TSJ's website.

(8)Inquiries relating to the management of personal information

 If you have questions relating to the protection of personal information by Turbomachinery Society of Japan, please contact us from the 'contact us' page.
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