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Membership and Benefits



1. A member monthly receives TSJ Journal of 'Turbomachinery'  written mainly in Japanese. If you live in Japan, postage charges
  are borne by TSJ. In case you live outside Japan, overseas postage charges shall be borne by the member.

      A member, through TSJ Journal of 'Turbomachinery', can have an accsess to the world latest technology and  world trends in
  R & D  in the turbomachinery field, as well as recent trends in industry, universities, other acdemic societies and governments.
  The information provided in the Society will be useful not only for the engineers and/or researchers working for manufacturers of
  turbomachinery, but for the users of turbomachinery.

2. A member, by attending to international or domestic conferences organized by TSJ, can have an access to the most recent
  information about latest technology, trends in R & D  and industry in the member's interest field. Furthermore he can have a
  personal network with the engineers/researchers working for industry, governments and academia.TSJ provides various types of
  networking events before and/or after the conferences/lecture meetings to help the member to create his network of friends.

3. A member, by attending to the lecture meetings and seminars organized by TSJ, can be inspired by his potential raised by these
  events, can take a hint in their researches and developments, and can also create a network with the participants of the events.
    As the lecturers are the leading researchers and/or engineers who have detailed knowledge and actual achievements in the
  specific field, the lectures and/or seminars can be used as a new employee training program or a CPD continuing professional
  development program.

4. A member, by participating in the study tour organized by TSJ, can have an opportunity to observe in detail the facilities related
  to turbomachinery which are attracting attention and are not normally open to the public.

5. A member, by participating in one of the research committees, subcomittee and workshop pertaining to hydraulic machinery,
  air-related turbomachinery and steam turbine, can create a network and exchange information with the researchers/engineers
  specializing in the specific field, getting a new idea and taking a hint for his R & D.

  Furthermore, a member, through these research committees, can have an access to standardization process for academic
  standards, national standards and international standards. He may offer his opion or make a new proposal.

6. A member can be awarded TSJ Award for outstanding paper or new technology.

  A member can apply for Komiya Research Grant or Hatakeyama Research Grant.

      Furthermore, TSJ provide various commendation system like long-service awards and best master awards to raise the status of
  the company as well as the inidividual.

7. A member can purchase the publications editted by TSJ at discount prices.  He can also browse the reports of various research
  committees which are not disclosed to outsiders.

8. Furthermore, a member, through social activities among members, can expect other benefits such as  referral to the experts in
  universities and governmental institutions, joint research and development, consulation and  re-employment after retirement.

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Activities of TSJ


A. Publication of the Journal of TSJ, 'Turbomachinery'
   Journal of TSJ, 'Turbomachinery' is a monthly magazine, and features 'forsight and commentary' on recent technological trend,
   technical papers and course of lectures on specific topics, in particular the excerpts from domestic and international researches,
   technical tour report and introduction of laboratory office, thus providing the space for sharing all the technological information
   on turbomachinery with the member of TSJ.

B. Events
  (1)Conferences(once or twice a year)
     Relatively longer time is provided for presentation and discussions, thus making  the presenter discuss in detail his
     unfinished research, new technology and new product with audiences having diverse background.

  (2)Lecture meetings(once or twice a year)
     TSJ lecture meetings are organized sepcifically for researchers, desig engineers and manufacturers depending on their
     special fields. They help new technology to be shared with members of TSJ and also help various problmes encountered in
     the fields to be discussed. TSJ lecture meetings include seminars for freshmen as well as seminars for continuing
     professional development (CPD)

  (3)Panel discussion, Workshop, Seminar, Technical tour(4 to 5 times a year)
     These are organized so that the specific goals are to be met.

C. Contract Research Activities
   TSJ serves as an entity to be given sponserd or contract research project in trust.


 TSJ membership consists of members, student members and corporation members.
 Members shall be researchers and/or engineers who are related to fluid machines like pumps, hydro turbines, fans, compressors,
 steam turbines, gas turbines, wind turbines, any other fluid machines including positive-displacemnet type, and their auxiliaries.
 Student members shall be bona-fide students studying courses related to fluid machines and their auxiliaries.
 Corporation members shall be corporation which are related to fluid machinery and their auxiliaries.

   The membership and initiation fees are:
  7,200JPY per year and 1,000JPY per application  for members
  1,200JPY per year and None per application  for student member
  40,000JPY per year and 10,000JPY per application  at the miminum for corporatiion members
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Application Form for Membership

 Please download the application form below, fill in the form and send it to TSJ's contact address by e-mail. 
 Or you may send it to -81-3-3944-6826 by FAX. 
 By return, TSJ will send you the invoice  for initiation fee and  annual membership fee.
●Application Form for Member(Word file)

●Application Form for Corporation Member(Word file)

Application Form for Student member

Student mambers are not individual members.  They are treated collectively as the students of a specific laboratory led by a professor or an associate professor. TSJ Journals are not sent to the individual but only to the laboratory.
Please download the application form for student members below and send all the application forms of the laboratoty en bloc to TSJ contact address by e-mail.
By return, TSJ will send you the invoice for initiation fee and annual membership fee.
●Applicatio Form for Student Member (Word file)
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