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This page contains information on all seminars, lecture meetings, conferences and CPD first level courses with list of all the past events from FY 2011 to FY 2014.  In principle, all the documentation and aural presentation are supposed to be made in Japanese language. You may use English as long as the presenter, the lecturer and the audience understand it.


Date Name Contents Place
June 21, 2018 16th CPD 'Noise' Tokyo/Osaka
May 18, 2018 79th Plenary Meeting TSJ annual plenary meetings and lecture meetings Tokyo
April 27, 2017 137th Seminar 'Hydraulic turbine' Tokyo
April 25, 2017 15th CPD 'Rolling bearing' NSK
March 9, 2018 136th Seminar 'Introduction of the turbo compressor' Tokyo
February 28, 2018 14th CPD 'Motor and Generator' Tokyo/Osaka
January 18-19, 2018 12th&13th CPD
first level course
'Basic of vibration' (12th) 'Vibration of rotating machinery’ (13th) Tokyo
January 16, 2018 135th Seminar 'Steam Turbine' Tokyo
November 17, 2017 134th Seminar 'Latest technical requirements of users of turbo machinery overseas' Tokyo
November 16, 2017 11th CPD
first level course
'The basic structure and principles of the waterwheel' Tokyo/Osaka
October 12, 2017 10th CPD
first level course
'Turbomachinery of strength designⅢ(Screwing)’ Tokyo/Osaka
September 22, 2017 133th Seminar 'Experimental hydrodynamics of turbomachinery' Tokyo
September 15-16, 2017 78th TOYAMA Meeting Lecture & Tour University of Toyama
July 20, 2017 132th Seminar 'Turbomachinery and ICT / IoT technology' Tokyo
July 11, 2017 9th CPD
first level course
'Seal & Mechanical seal' Tokyo/Osaka
June 1, 2017 8th CPD
first level course
'A Beginner's guide to gas-related (steam and air) turbomachinery' Tokyo/Osaka
May 31, 2017 7th CPD
first level course
'Turbomachinery, thermodynamics and heat cycle' Tokyo/Osaka
May 19, 2017 77th Plenary Meeting TSJ annual plenary meetings and lecture meetings Tokyo
April 14, 2017 131th Seminar 'Hydraulic turbine' Tokyo
March 28, 2017 6th CPD
first level course
'Corrosion' Tokyo/Osaka
March 17, 2017 130th Seminar 'Compressor' Tokyo
February 22, 2017 5th CPD
first level course
'Metallic Material' Tokyo/Osaka
January 20, 2017 129th Seminar 'Steam Turbine' Tokyo
January 11-12, 2017 3th&4th CPD
first level course
'Strength design of turbomachineryⅠ(General) &Ⅱ(Fatigue)' Tokyo/Osaka
December 5, 2016 2th CPD 'Hydraulic design guide of a pump' Tokyo/Osaka
November 25, 2016 128th Seminar 'Basic technology about rotor vibration of turbomachinery' Tokyo
November 18, 2016 Exchange meeting 2016 The exchange meeting 2016 for TSJ Special member Tokyo
November 16, 2016 1th CPD 'Turbo-machinery biginner's guide' Tokyo/Osaka
October 3, 2016 18th CPD 'Operation of turbomachinery,control and specificity phenomenon' Tokyo/Osaka
September 16-October 1, 2016 76th Lectures & Tours Lectures at kitami institute of technology & tours in hokkaido Hokkaido
September 16, 2016 127th Seminar 'Latest technical requirements of users of turbo machinery overseas' Tokyo
July 29, 2016 126th Seminar 'Flow-induced excitation in turbomachinery' Tokyo
June 25, 2016 17th CPD 'Slide bearing' Tokyo/Osaka
June 20, 2016 16th CPD 'Noise' Tokyo/Osaka
May 20, 2016 75th Plenary Meeting TSJ annual plenary meetings and lecture meetings Tokyo
April 22, 2016 125th Seminar 'Hydraulic turbine' Tokyo
April 12, 2016 15th CPD 'Rolling bearing' Kanagawa
March 18, 2016 124th Seminar 'Problems in the variable-speed motor drive (VSD)' Tokyo
February 29, 2016

14th CPD

'Motor and Generator' Tokyo
January 25-26, 2016 12th&13th CPD
first level course
'Basic of vibration' (12th) 'Vibration of rotating machinery’ (13th) Tokyo/Osaka
January 15, 2016 123th Seminar 'Introduction of the turbo compressor' Tokyo
November 12, 2015 11th CPD
first level course
'The basic structure and principles of the waterwheel' Tokyo/Osaka
November 6, 2015 122th Seminar 'CFD for Steam Turbine' Tokyo
October 30, 2015 Exchange meeting 2015 The exchange meeting 2015 for TSJ Special member Tokyo
October 15, 2015 10th CPD
first level course
'Turbomachinery of strength designⅢ(Screwing)’ Tokyo/Osaka
September 30, 2015 121th Seminar 'Technology Trends of the pump' Tokyo
July 17, 2015 120th Seminar 'Analysis of fluid transients' Tokyo
July 7, 2015 9th CPD
first level course
'Seal & Mechanical seal' Tokyo/Osaka
June 29, 2015 8th CPD
first level course
'A Beginner's guide to gas-related (steam and air) turbomachinery' Tokyo/Osaka
May 8, 2015 73th Plenary Meeting TSJ annual plenary meetings and lecture meetings Tokyo
April 24, 2015 119th Seminar 'Hydraulic turbine' Tokyo
April 21, 2015 7th CPD
first level course
'Turbomachinery, thermodynamics and heat cycle' Tokyo/Osaka
March 24, 2015 6th CPD
first level course
'Corrosion' Tokyo/Osaka
March 10, 2015 118th Seminar 'Hydraulic design - Basics of CFD for R&D engineers' Tokyo
March 4, 2015 5th CPD
first level course
Metallic Material Tokyo/Osaka
January 23,2015 117th Seminar Compressor Tokyo
3rd & 4th CPD
first level course
Strength design of turbomachineryⅠ(General) &Ⅱ(Fatigue) Tokyo/Osaka
November 28, 2014 116th Seminar Flow-induced excitation and dynamic fluid force in turbomachinery Tokyo
September 19, 2014 115th Seminar Steam Turbine Tokyo
July 9, 2014 114th Seminar Corrosion and its countermeasures in pumps and pipings Tokyo
April 18, 2014 113th Seminar Turbomachinery Basic Technology Seminar - Hydro turbine Tokyo
February 14, 2014 112th Seminar CFD - Latest trend and new development in design optimization Tokyo
December 11, 2013 Special Lecture Meeting Vibration in rotating machines Tokyo
November 8, 2013 111th Seminar Flow-induced excitaion and dynamic fluid force in turbomachinery Tokyo
September 17, 2013 110th Seminar Vortices in pump sump - Facts and analysis Tokyo
July 12, 2013 109th Seminar Tribology - from ABC to its challenges and recent trends Tokyo
April 19, 2013 108th Seminar Turbomachinery Basic Technology Seminar - Hydo turbine Tokyo
March 1, 2013 107th Seminar Case examples and countermeasures of vibration-related failures Tokyo
January 18, 2013 106th Seminar Some issues in rotating machines driven by adjustable-speed motors Tokyo
December 18, 2012 105th Seminar Techniques useful in the field (pump) Tokyo
October 2, 2012 104th Seminar Recent trends in electricity generation using steam turbines towards reduction of environmental burdens Tokyo
July 9, 2012 103th Seminar Case examples of quality engineering (Taguchi method) applied to turbomachinery (Development of rotating machines and machine elements, risk assessment and enhancement of robustness Tokyo
April 13, 2012 102th Seminar Turbomachinery Basic Technology Seminar - Hydro turbine Tokyo
March 16, 2012 101th Seminar Measurement of internal flows in turbomachinery Tokyo
January 25, 2012 100th Seminar Great earthquake and possible risks (100th anniversary) Tokyo
November 25, 2011 99th Seminar Design Optimazation in turbomachinery Tokyo
September 9, 2011 98th Seminar Turbomachinery Basic Technology Seminar - Hydro turbine Tokyo
July 11, 2011 97th Seminar Cavitation in pumps and prediction of erosion Tokyo
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Freshman's Seminar

Date Name Contents Place
August 24-25, 2017 31th Freshman's Seminar basic turbomachinery technology Osaka
September 1-2, 2016 30th Freshman's Seminar basic turbomachinery technology Osaka
August 20-21, 2015 29th Freshman's Seminar basic turbomachinery technology Osaka
August 28-29, 2014 28th Freshman's Seminar basic turbomachinery technology Osaka
August 22-23, 2013 27th Freshman's Seminar basic turbomachinery technology Osaka
August 23-24, 2012 26th Freshman's Seminar basic turbomachinery technology Osaka
August 25-26, 2011 25th Freshman's Seminar basic turbomachinery technology Osaka
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TSJ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) first level course


TSJ CPD Committee Chair

Dr. Yoshiharu Ueyama

TSJ started its first CPD first-level course in 2006. This course is for young engineers who are involved in turbomachinery. So far, 4 series of lecture courses have been completed with great popularity. We are pleased to announce the commencement of the 6th series of the lecture course in Novemeber 2016.



  The objective of the first-level course of lectures is to provide engineers who are engaged in research, developlment, design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of turbomachinery with opportunities to acquire or complement the required basic technology. The background of this activity is the CPD system which Council on Continuing Professional Development, The Japan Federation of Engineering Societies have been creating since the Council was founded in 2005.TSJ's CPD course is organized and carried out based on this purport.

Contents of Lectures, Time and Place

  TSJ's CPD course consists mainly of lecture meetings and seminars. The course is classified broadly into three categories, first level, intermediate level and advanced level. TSJ set up the 5th series of the first level course of lectures, consisting of 18 lectures as shown in Table 1. It will take 2 years for the participant to audit all the 18 lectures. Each lecture takes half day, about 4 (four) hours. It will be held normally at  Ochanomizu Education Center, 5F, TONEGAWA2 Bldg. 1-6-1 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo and/or Osaka Education Center, 1F, Melodyheim. 1-6-8 Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, at the time as shown in Table 1.  Detaled time and place of the CPD course of lectures will appear on TSJ Journal and Home Page of TSJ.

Record of attendance of CPD first level course of lectures

  Your attendance to CPD first-level course of lectures will be recorded by the Secretariat of TSJ in preparation of your future need of CPD history to retain  your qualification.  CPD point to be earned by our CPD lecture is 1 ponit per 1 hour, that is 4 points per 1 lecture.

In accordance with the policy of Council of CPD, TSJ is prepared to accommodate cross certification of CPD points with other Societies and Association with an aim to commonize CPD points.

Fee for the lecture and application proccess

  Fee for the lecture is 10,000 JPY per lecture for the member or the student member of TSJ and 15,000 JPY for non-member.

For application, please send E-mail or FAX to the Secretariat of TSJ below. Your E-mail or Fax shall clearly states.
①Name of attendee ②Address and telephone number ③Your affiliation ④Your membership ⑤Number and Name of the lecture you wish to attend ⑥E-mail address of the attendee  ⑦Place where you wish to attend to the lecture (Kanto venue or Kansai venue) 

Please note that the course materials will be sent to the attendee by E-mail, and that each attendee are requested to print the course material by himself and bring them to the lecture room.

In response to your application, the Secretariat of TSJ will send you the admission card and the invoice by turn. Fee shall be paid either by registered postal cash envelop or through bank transfer. 

 Please also note that any cancellation after application are not accepted.

  ・Bank account : Mizuho Bank, Komagome Branch, ordinary savings account No.1142994 
            Turbomachinery Society of Japan, a general incorporated association

  ・Postal address for you application : Seminar Section, Secretariat of Tubomachinery Society of Japan,
                      c/o Japan Industrial Publishing Co., Ltd.
                      6-3-26 Honkomagome, Bunkyou-ku,Tokyo, 113-8610, Japan
                      E-mail FAX 03-3944-6826 TEL 03-3944-8002

Regular notice of CPD lecture to prospective attendee


If you wish to receive the notice of CPD lectures on a regular basis, please contact the following persons by e-mail.
You may attend to any one of the lectures without attending to the others.
The exact date of the lecture is normally decided about two months prior to the date of lecture after consultaion with the lecturers.  After that the date will be sent to all the attendee by e-mail.
If you are a regular receiver of the notice of CPD, you may reply your intention of attendance after your recept of  the final notice.

  Contact Address of regular receiver:  Tubomachinery Society of Japan  E-mail
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Program of 6th series of first-level lecture course

No English translation available

Course No.


Lecturer (tentative)

Time (tentative)

Contents (tentative)

Table of Contents (tentative)

first level 1

Turbo-machinery biginner's guide

Prof. Jun MATSUI
(Yokohama National University)

November 16th, 2016

Basic fluid dynamics and performance , losses and homology of pumps, hydro turbines, compressors and fans in relation to the internal flow of turbo-machinery.

1.1. 流れの基礎
1.2. ターボ機械の原理
1.3. 代表的なターボ機械
1.4. ターボ機械の性能

first level 2



December 5th,


2.1. 羽根車内の流れとポンプ全ヘッド
2.2. 遠心羽根車諸元の決定法
2.3. 羽根車設計例
2.4. ボリュートの設計
2.5. 軸流羽根車の設計法
2.6. 軸流羽根車の設計例
2.7. 案内翼の設計

first level 3


林眞琴 氏

January 11th,



first level 4



January 12th,


first level 5


野口学 氏

February 22th,


5.1. 材料の選定・応用
5.2. 金属材料の基本特性
5.3. 鉄鋼材料学の基礎
5.4. 結晶、状態図、熱処理、変態、強度
5.5. ステンレス鋼

first level 6


宮坂松甫 氏

March 28th,


6.1. 腐食メカニズム
6.1.1. 単一の金属の腐食反応
6.1.2. 均一腐食と局部腐食
6.1.3. 電位・分極曲線と腐食速度
6.1.4. 複数の金属が接触する腐食反応
6.1.5. 環境因子の影響
6.2. 各種腐食形態と防食対策
6.2.1. エロージョン・コロージョン、
6.2.2. 異種金属接触腐食・カソード防食
6.2.3. 酸素濃淡電池腐食・流速差腐食
6.2.4. 孔食・すきま腐食
6.2.5. 応力腐食割れ
6.2.6. 粒界腐食(脱成分腐食)

first level 7

ターボ機械と熱力学・ 熱サイクル

坂口順一 氏
May 31th,


7.1. はじめに(序論)
7.2. 基礎編
7.1.1. 基本事項
7.1.2. 熱力学
7.3. ターボ機械の性能
7.4. 原動機の熱サイクル
7.5. 冷凍サイクルとヒートポンプ
7.6. 熱力学と省エネ技術

first level 8


宮下和也 氏

June 1th,


8.1. 流体(気体)機械の基礎
8.2. 空気機械
8.2.1. 圧縮機
8.2.2. タービン
8.3. 蒸気タービン

first level 9


坂倉博之 氏
山根英男 氏

July 11th,


9.1. メカニカルシールの基礎・特徴
9.2. メカニカルシールの活用と選定方法
9.3. メカニカルシールにおけるトラブルと
9.4. 最近の技術動向
9.5. シール材の一般概要
9.6. 回転機用パッキン及び最近の技術
9.6.1. グランドパッキンの基礎
9.6.2. ガスケットの基礎

first level 10



October 12th,


10.1. 構造強度上の継手部の重要性
10.2. ねじ締結の歴史
10.3. ねじ締結部の力学
10.4. ねじ締結の常識とうそ
10.5. ねじ締結のトラブル事例と対策
10.6. CAD/CAE一貫設計ツールへの展開

first level 11


井筒研吾 氏

November 16th,


11.1. 理論と特性
11.1.1. 羽根車理論
11.1.2. 水力特性と効率
11.1.3. キャビテーション特性
11.1.4. 水圧脈動とサージング
11.1.5. 過渡現象と水撃
11.2. 模型試験と性能換算
11.2.1. 模型試験
11.2.2. 性能換算法
11.3. 水車の構造
11.3.1. 水車の構造
11.3.2. ポンプ水車の構造
11.3.3. 中小容量水車
11.3.4. 水車の強度と材料

first level 12


佐藤太一 教授

January 18th,


12.1 「外力」が「振動」を支配する-外力の”推測”なしの振動対策は、愚策を生む-
12.2 振動系の特性改善と低振動化
12.3 「共振」する場合のみ「制振」が有効
12.4 高剛性設計 -力の流れを読む-

first level 13


松下修己 名誉教授

January 19th,


13.1 単振動系の振動
13.2 不釣合いとバランシング 
13.3 ジャイロ
13.4 慣性座標から回転座標へ
13.5 翼・羽根車の振動
13.6 ロータ系の安定性
13.7 ISO18439 振動診断士認証制度

first level 14


千葉秀俊 氏

February 28th,


14.1. モートルの種類、基本構造、出力
14.2. モートルに関する用語
14.3. モートルの始動方式
14.4. モートルの絶縁と周囲温度について
14.5. 規格、選定
14.6. 電動機の基礎知識
14.7. 注意すべき留意点
14.8. 空気冷却タービン発電機
14.9. 同期発電機の励磁と同期投入

first level 15


山本豊寿 氏

April 25th,


15.1. 転がり軸受の形式と特徴
15.2. 転がり軸受の呼び番号と一覧表
15.3. 転がり軸受の選定方法
15.4. 転がり軸受の主な故障事例とその対策
15.5. 新しい軸受寿命予測の紹介

first level 16


丸田芳幸 氏



16.1. 騒音の事例
16.2. 騒音に関する用語A
16.3. 騒音対策の事例
16.4. 騒音に関する用語B
16.5. 騒音伝搬の理論
16.6. 騒音発生機構の理論
16.7. 騒音の感覚と評価
16.8. 騒音に関する法規制
16.9. 低騒音化技術の現状

first level 17


山田素平 氏



17.1. すべり軸受の紹介、特徴、潤滑
17.2. すべり軸受材料の製作及び特徴
17.3. 回転機械用軸受の構造及び特徴
17.4. 回転用軸受におけるパッド振動
17.5. すべり軸受ユニットの構造
17.6. 回転機械用軸受における損傷事例
17.7. 樹脂パッドに関する紹介
17.8. ティルティングパッドにおける荷重均等化

first level 18


坂口順一 氏



18.1. はじめに(基本性能)
18.2. ターボ式回転機械のプロセス制御
18.3. ターボ式回転機械の並列・直列運転
18.4. 容積式流体機械の運転
18.5. モータ駆動回転機械の起動
18.6. 各種特異現象
18.7. その他留意点


※Please note that there are cases where the attendee of the course might not be able to receive the electronic lecture material in advance.

Copyright of the lecture materials provided in the CPD lectures is owned by the lecturer.
The attendee are not allowed to copy, re-distribute, sell, quote or divert these lecture materials, wholly or in part, without written consent of the CPD Committee of TSJ.

The lecturer or Turbomachinery Society of Japan in no way assumes responsibility for any damages, any losses and any expenses incurred by the contents contained in the lecture material and the information provided in the lecture.


Past Events

  1. 1st series (July, 2006 to Luly 2008)
  2. 2nd series (October, 2008 to August, 2010)
  3. 3rd series (November, 2010 to October, 2012)
  4. 4th series (November, 2012 to October, 2014)
  5. 5th series (November, 2014 to October, 2016)
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